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We are open on Monday 3 September, when Luxembourg holds its annual “Braderie”. A Braderie simply is a street sale, taking place on a pre-defined day at the end of the Sales. The shop owners will set up their stalls outside the shops and sell their goods for lower prices (“bradéiert Präisser”). In general a Braderie involves, live music from marching bands and other performances by local clubs and associations to create the feeling of a Folk Festival. The first Braderie took place in Lille and gradually moved over to Reims, Nancy and finally to Luxembourg in 1929. The word “Braderie” has its origins in the French province of Flanders and derives from the word “braaden” (“broden” in Lux or “roasting”, “barbequing” in English). This is because at all of these street sales, people were usually having a barbeque with Thüringer, Kottletten (chops) and Mettwurscht. So if you have no lunch plans on Monday, why not pay the Braderie a visit!

Rue Jean Monnet

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The Prisma office is located in rue Jean Monnet. Monsieur Monnet is considered as one of the founding fathers of the European Union. Jean Monnet was an influential supporter of the European unity in the 1950s. Born in 1888 in France, he worked as a political economist and diplomat and died in 1979. If you are ever in the area, come and say hi to us!

History of the Schouberfouer

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The first known Schouberfouer (Schuebi) took place in 1298 under Heinrich VII, father of Jean de Luxembourg (John the Blind). At this time it was a market where people from all over the country came to buy and sell cloth. This fair was however not very successful and stopped again a few years later.

The Schouberfouer as we know it today, eventually took place on 20 October 1340 under the famous John the Blind, count of Luxembourg and King of Bohemia (Böhmen). The fair went on for 8 days and its main goal was for farmers to come into town and buy/sell cattle. The origin of the name is from the place where the Fouer took place, which was the “Schuedbuerg” nowadays known as Plateau du Saint-Esprit. Over the years the fair become more and more successful so the Holy Ghost Square was soon too small. It therefore moved to Limpertsberg in 1610 where the forest had just been cut down. In the 18th century the market developed and live concerts became part of it only to be succeeded in 1844 with cabarets. Although it still remained a cattle-market, you could now also buy bone china, comestibles and stationary. When, in the 20th century, the big wheel and the roller coaster arrived, there was no more stopping its development into the fair that we know today.

The big fun fair starts this year on 23 August and ends on 11 September.

For more info check the official site

Earth Overshoot Day 2018 was August 1, the earliest it’s ever been

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We humans have depleted the Earth’s natural resources with five months still to go in 2018 😰…. In our office we don’t use plastic containers, no bottles, cutlery or other. We only buy fair trade products such as coffee, tea and sugar. We use water wisely and only fill the kettle for the amount of water required to make tea. If we have water left in the kettle at the end of the day, we water the plants with it. We try to be a paper free office and have reduced paper usage significantly over the last few years. Every little step helps!

Toast of the Town

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We often take communication skills for granted. But the art of communication is more subtle and powerful than many realise. Toastmasters clubs help to unlock this magic skill.

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