August 31st, 2018 Prisma

We are open on Monday 3 September, when Luxembourg holds its annual “Braderie”. A Braderie simply is a street sale, taking place on a pre-defined day at the end of the Sales. The shop owners will set up their stalls outside the shops and sell their goods for lower prices (“bradĂ©iert Präisser”). In general a Braderie involves, live music from marching bands and other performances by local clubs and associations to create the feeling of a Folk Festival. The first Braderie took place in Lille and gradually moved over to Reims, Nancy and finally to Luxembourg in 1929. The word “Braderie” has its origins in the French province of Flanders and derives from the word “braaden” (“broden” in Lux or “roasting”, “barbequing” in English). This is because at all of these street sales, people were usually having a barbeque with ThĂĽringer, Kottletten (chops) and Mettwurscht. So if you have no lunch plans on Monday, why not pay the Braderie a visit!

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