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RIP Grand-Duc Jean

April 23rd, 2019 Posted by Prisma 0 thoughts on “RIP Grand-Duc Jean”

Today the whole country mourns a true hero, a kind person and an exemplary leader.

RIP Grand-Duc Jean.

13 years of Prisma

April 16th, 2019 Posted by Prisma 0 thoughts on “13 years of Prisma”

Is one born as an entrepreneur? I am not sure. Nothing in my family background paved the way for me to become one, far from it actually.

When, in 2006, it was clear that I wanted to set-up my own company, I grasped the first opportunity, forgot about my fears and jumped in. However I must say that nobody in my family or my group of friends thought it was a good idea (well apart for 2), so I was very much on my own.

To me, the difference between a manager and a business founder is the passion and the love for what you have you created. When you found a company you put all your heart and soul into in.

Entrepreneurship is very fast so for the first years whilst you surf on the wave of success in-between all the struggles, you don’t really have time to sit down and look back. This happens only later when you take a step back.

Today I can say that my slogan from 2006 is still valid valid today “Don’t dream of success, work for it”.

Mir gin klibberen

April 15th, 2019 Posted by Prisma 0 thoughts on “Mir gin klibberen”

Have you seen the signs on the side of the road showing cartoon children saying „Mir gin klibberen”?

“Klibberen” means “to rattle” or “to clatter”.

Between Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday, the children (in general they are altar boys) walk the streets of their village, clattering their rapers 3 times a day; morning “d’Muergesklack laut”, lunch time “d’Mettesklack laut” and in the evening “d’Owesklack laut”.

With this sound, the children replace the church bells during 4 days, as the church bells have gone to Rome to confess their sins….

Prisma S.A. supports RCL

April 4th, 2019 Posted by Prisma 0 thoughts on “Prisma S.A. supports RCL”

BUNDESLIGA RUGBY in Luxembourg this weekend!

Rugby Club Luxembourg vs RK Heusenstamm

3 pm on Saturday, March 23, 2019, Stade Boy Konen

BBQ and drinks

No entrance fee. Come and support your local team !

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