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April 16th, 2019 Prisma

Is one born as an entrepreneur? I am not sure. Nothing in my family background paved the way for me to become one, far from it actually.

When, in 2006, it was clear that I wanted to set-up my own company, I grasped the first opportunity, forgot about my fears and jumped in. However I must say that nobody in my family or my group of friends thought it was a good idea (well apart for 2), so I was very much on my own.

To me, the difference between a manager and a business founder is the passion and the love for what you have you created. When you found a company you put all your heart and soul into in.

Entrepreneurship is very fast so for the first years whilst you surf on the wave of success in-between all the struggles, you don’t really have time to sit down and look back. This happens only later when you take a step back.

Today I can say that my slogan from 2006 is still valid valid today “Don’t dream of success, work for it”.

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