New Electronic Applications for UCITs, SICAR, UCI Part II, specialized investment funds

June 3rd, 2019 Business

The CSSF is planning to issue a new portal which will allow for electronic fund applications as of autumn 2019 and is supposed to replace the current email and postal submission channels.

The new portal will facilitate the application process by offering an interface for the submission of all relevant documents and information to the Luxembourg regulator, but also for the exchange of queries and answers in relation to the application. More transparency will be provided through an indication of the status quo of the application – up to its approval notification.

Would you like some support with your fund applications? Let Prisma assist you.

Fund registrations can trigger a lot of challenges in producing and gathering all relevant documents in time, knowing that a quick market access is key to success.

Prisma has significant experience in the production of any fund documentation, such as prospectuses, UCITS KIIDs, Annual / Interim / Quarterly Reports, Articles of Association and Regulatory Forms. We build streamlined and personalised processes for our clients in order to master individual client expectations and ensure in-time productions of the relevant documents.

Our services

  • Single point of contact
  • Project management and coordination of the entire production cycle
  • Communication with all involved parties
  • Time management and regular updates
  • Punctual delivery of your fund documentation

Smart documents

We also offer electronic documents with smart functionalities such as editable application and account opening forms. Instead of manually filling in the documents, you will be able to process the documents on screen and benefit from the automated transfer of the information onto the next copies. Additional functionalities such as extract reports from the forms can be added upon request.

For more information, please contact us at or 43 48 89-1.

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