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Financial Reporting

Is it a challenge for you to produce your Financial Accounts within a a short timeframe? Let us help you. We create audited annual reports and accounts, interim, semi-Annual and quarterly reports within the foreseen deadline.

We produce financial reports based on the files that we receive from the fund administrators and our clients in respect to the  corporate branding. After completion of the reports in their source language, they are semi-automatically translated and prepared in a PDF format for final distribution.

We distribute the reports to the regulators, fund administrators, local offices, distributors and other parties involved. The dissemination is based on the distribution list, which is managed by Prisma on your behalf.

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Fund Registration / Notification / Documentation




We understand the complexity of prospectus updates and the importance of getting the documents translated, produced, reviewed, signed off and distributed in time.

To meet specific requirements, we tailor our workflow to each client.

The prospectus update follows an optimised and digitalised process and is monitored by the project manager throughout the entire document life cycle.



We communicate directly with all involved parties such as local offices, law firms and legal departments, and arrange for a review of the documents. The initial prospectus is created based on the source files. Once signed off, the relevant language versions are produced, sent for review, approved and distributed to the appropriate recipients.

A link between technology and professional project management

We use an advanced technology for the automated production of prospectuses. The production is embedded in a streamlined process which is executed and overseen by one dedicated project manager who runs the project for you and will address the usual challenges with professionalism and efficiency.



Our KIID solution is a web-based content management and composition solution designed to support the preparation and production of UCITS KIIDs and PRIIP KIDs. Through a secure and easy-to-use database, all processes are streamlined, providing as much control of the process as wished.

In addition to the familiar Prisma project management service offering, we provide you a tailor-made solution based on your requirements. You decide which steps of the workflow you take control of.

Please refer to our factsheet for further details about our PRIIP KID solution.

Your challenge

  • High complexity of projects
  • High volume of documents
  • Short deadlines
  • Costs
  • Template changes due to legal requirements
  • Adjustment of internal processes
  • Availability of data
  • Regulated content management

Our solution

  • Analysis of your current set-up
  • Design of a tailor-made operating model
  • One point of contact at Prisma
  • Dedicated project manager to monitor and lead the document production
  • Automated production of the UCITS KIIDs and PRIIP KIDs
  • Regular status updates
  • Data dissemination
  • Document archive


  • Secure, centralised database for all documents
  • Web access and version control
  • Fully controllable and fully supported, automated environment
  • Production of large quantities of documents in a smooth, hassle-free and efficient way
  • Comprehensive overview and complete control over document editing, composition and production
  • Automated acquisition of underlying data for KIID and PRIIP generation
  • Workflow definition and automated alert tools
  • Multi-language management, integration of CESR and client translation glossary
  • Limited translation update
  • Ability to simultaneously make changes to common text across multiple documents
  • Easy but secure Internet access to files and file management
  • Prisma assistance, guidance and project management throughout the process
  • Multiple document output: PDF, PDF for print, rtf/doc file

Support with in-country registration

We offer full distribution support in terms of in-country registration and communication with the respective local offices and legal counsels. Once the legal documentation is signed off, the Prisma project manager liaises directly with the parties involved and ensures that the registration is handled in a time sensitive way. The project manager provides a regular update and a global overview on the current status, including timetables, reports and frequent communication with the client.


Regulatory support

Let us look after all the various documents that you must produce for various regulatory reasons.

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Global Distribution support

Distribution support

We offer a full support with the cross-border distribution of documents to the relevant recipients. We ensure that each country receives the correct documents batched in a zip-file or a link, to the relevant place where the documents are stored.

At the start of every collaboration, we define precisely what is expected from us and outline this in a comprehensive SLA.

We have a deep understanding of local market and regulatory requirements and build our offering around these. We prepare and arrange the filing of relevant regulatory documents in a variety of jurisdictions.

By providing you with a status sheet at the end of the day, week or month, we always keep you up-to-date. You have the choice to be as involved or detached as you like. Our goal is to exceed client expectations by running the support services with as little client involvement as possible.

Production and translation

Once the source documents have been filed, we take care of the translation requirements using our market intelligence and our long-term experience, to guide you through this process.

The requirements for certified translations in certain jurisdictions are constantly changing.  We make sure to add an addendum to the languages where this is a requirement and create specific document versions for countries with different market needs.

We guarantee that each country receives the adequate and relevant regulatory documents tailor-made for their local market, in a timely manner.

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Marketing support

Let us look after your branded marketing documents, which you produce to promote your products to the outside world. We’d be delighted to assist you with the creation of your company image that you’d like to present to the world.

Fund Fact Sheets

Fund Fact Sheets are created to help investors and potential investors understand how funds have performed. They are produced on a regular basis; monthly, quarterly, yearly; and distributed via various channels.

We offer a comprehensive solution which does not only cover the translation of factsheets into the relevant languages. Various checks at different levels ensure high quality and consistency. The documents are updated as per your instructions including content, images and corporate layout.

Through streamlined processes and different levels of automation, all this is done in a timely manner allowing the factsheets to be distributed and go-to-market within a very short time frame.

Marketing Brochures

Marketing brochures are created to promote and describe the services that a company offers. It is therefore important to use a professional partner who understands the impact of the brochure and the message that it portray.

We offer advice and guidance on the corporate branding and the general layout of a company’s identity.

A sign of delight will escape your lips when you hold our designer’s creation in your hands: an impressive marketing brochure and a convincing sales tool.

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Shareholder Mailings

AGM shareholder mailings

By law Annual General Meetings have to be held and shareholders have to be informed accordingly as described in the company prospectus. The AGM mailing generally consists of sending “The Notice” and “The Proxy” to the registered shareholders of the fund. This can be a tiring, complex and difficult task, as many parties need to be involved.

The documents are typeset and translated into all required languages, for the countries which the fund is registered in. Conform to the data provided by the Transfer Agent, the documents are personalised and printed before they are filled into envelopes and mailed by registered post.
The procedure as to how to organise a mailing may vary but we are flexible to adapt to your approach and preferences.

EGM & other shareholder mailings

EGM mailings happen on an irregular basis and can be very time consuming to organise. We will help you with organising the teams, contacting the TA, preparing the documents in the correct language and get them mailed on time.

Would you like to send them as registered letters? No problem. We will take care of that for you too.

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Document management and Board Packs

Board Packs

We offers a fully automated web-based solution which does not only help to manage and store documents in a highly secure environment, but also includes additional features such as:

  • Creation of Board Packs
  • Creation of new documents, editing, review and signing
  • Electronic signatures
  • Document archive
  • Management of events

It is an easy-to-use web application which does not require any installation and works on various devices and operating systems.


To protect all documents and data stored and processed within the application, there are several layers of security embedded in it.

  • Login procedure with user name and password and additional 7-digits token
  • Secure data hosting in Luxembourg on physical servers (CSSF regulated)
  • Additional security code at signing level
  • No offline functionality
  • Full encryption

Press notices

Are your shareholder notices published in a variety of newspapers?  We will take care of this for you. We prepare the notices in the required format and languages with all the parties involved for newspaper publications.

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