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Financial Reporting

We produce financial reports working closely with the fund administrators and you, while respecting the corporate branding. Firstly, we work on the source language. Then, we translate and typeset your reports, before distributing it to all parties.

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Fund Registration / Notification / Documentation

Investment and asset management professionals are facing an increasing demand to provide timely and up-to-date product information to both regulators and investors. Our full project management solutions are tailored to relieve this burden. We manage complex fund communications in a streamlined way from creation to delivery in any language.



Project Management: Time, Scope and Quality

We understand the complexity of prospectus updates, especially, when coordinating many stakeholders and translations. This is why we optimised and digitalised the prospectus production. Our process ensures that all documents are translated, produced, reviewed, signed off and distributed in time.

One dedicated project manager runs the project for you and will address any challenges with professionalism and efficiency.



Prospectus production at Prisma


The requirement to produce UCITS KIIDs and PRIIP KIDs can become a nightmare in terms of complexity, volume of documents, short deadlines and high costs. Our KIID solution is a web-based content management and composition solution. It supports the preparation and production of UCITS KIIDs and PRIIP KIDs. Through a secure and easy-to-use database, all processes are streamlined.

In addition to the familiar Prisma project management service, we analyse your current setup and provide a tailor-made solution. You decide which steps of the workflow you take control of.

Please refer to our factsheet for further details about our PRIIP KID solution.

Regulatory support

We assist you with a wide range of legally required documents, such as Articles of Association, Account Opening Forms and Factsheets. We manage the entire lifecycle of each document. Your project manager communicates with local offices, law firms and legal departments. Further, you receive regular updates and a global overview on the current status, including timetables and reports.

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Global Distribution support

Distribution support

We arrange the filing of regulatory documents in a variety of jurisdictions. Moreover, you get full support with the cross-border distribution of documents.

By providing you with a status sheet at the end of the day, week or month, we always keep you up-to-date. You have the choice to be as involved or detached as you like.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations by running the support services with as little client involvement as possible.

Production and translation

Once the source documents have been filed, we will take care of the translation. Using our long-term experience, we guide you through this process.

Each country receives adequate regulatory documents tailor-made for their local market, in a timely manner.

Press notices

Do you publish your shareholder notices in a variety of newspapers?  We will take care of it. We prepare the notices in the required format and languages with all the parties involved for newspaper publications.

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Marketing support

Make your products shine – with concise, persuasive and appealing Marketing Material. We love to look after your brand.


Fund Fact Sheets

Show off your fund’s performance to investors. Besides translations, we ensure high quality and consistent results at each production stage and with every update. All that according to your instructions on content, images and corporate layout.

Your Fact Sheet is shortly finalised thanks to our proven processes and different levels of automation.

Marketing Brochures

You can drive sales with outstanding marketing brochures. Therefore, you need a partner that understands the impact a simple brochure can make. We offer advice on corporate branding and general layout of your documents.

An investment in your sales tools pays off on the long run.

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Shareholder Mailings

AGM shareholder mailings

By law, Annual General Meetings have to be held and shareholders have to be informed accordingly. The AGM mailing generally consists of sending “The Notice” and “The Proxy” to the registered shareholders of the fund. This can be a tiring, complex and a difficult task, as many parties need to be involved.

EGM & other shareholder mailings

EGM or any other mailings happen on irregular basis. Still it is certainly a time consuming task.

We manage time-sensitive personalised shareholder mailings accurately, securely and on time. Our mailing house is PFS-certified and complies to the strict regulatory rules on shareholder data.

Do you need help with any of your mailings? We will take care of it all for you.

Would you like to send them as registered letters? No problem. We will take care of that for you too.

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Document management and Board Packs

Board Packs

With our automated web-based Board Pack solution, you can now easily create Board Packs. Prepare new documents for review and electronic signing, and manage events – all within a single platform! It is an easy-to-use web application which does not require any installation and works on various devices and operating systems.

Contact us to learn more about how we can streamline and simplify your Document Management. We help you take the most out of your board meetings.


To protect all documents and data processed within the application, the platform features full encryption and two-factor authentication. Your data will be hosted in Luxembourg on a secure CSSF-regulated infrastructure.

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