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Working in a global industry, we understand the increasing challenges our clients face due to the never-ending changes of regulatory requirements and the fast-developing technology. The need to continuously optimise operational processes is inevitable. In these times, it is vital to have a reliable business partner who takes the stress away from you and who supports you in your projects.


At Prisma, we consider ourselves an absolute team player, aiming to fully integrate with our clients’ teams. Aware of our responsibility in business, we strive to adopt a sustainable approach that fully complies with the expectations you put in a business relationship, but also the ones of our people and the communities around us. In everything we do, we are guided by the fair values of Flexibility, Adaptability, Integrity and Reliability.

Corporate social responsibility

It is our strong believe that we all have a role to play when it comes to social responsibility, whether big or small, as members of our communities or as partners of the people who we work with. For us, having a CSR approach did not need a management decision or approval. It emerged naturally out of the way we live and how we operate. We see CSR as a part of our identity, be it social, economical or environmental. It involves us all on a day-to-day basis, in everything that we do. We are proud to support outside charitable causes as they help us to actively contribute to our community.

Our Clients

Founded in 2006, we are currently servicing 26 key players in the mutual fund industry, based in Luxembourg, UK, Ireland, France, Poland, Germany and Singapore. The company manages the financial documentation for 512 funds, sub funds and portfolios across a variety of fund structures and domiciles. The Funds Prisma supports have assets under management totalling over 80 billion US$. More than figures, it is the direct feedback that we receive from our clients that helps us to evolve and to improve daily.

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Client needs


Financial reporting

Is it a challenge for you to produce your Financial Accounts within a a short timeframe? Let us help you.


Fund Registration/Notification

We understand the complexity of prospectus updates and the importance of getting the documents translated, produced, reviewed, signed off and distributed in time. To meet specific requirements, we tailor our workflow to each client.


Global distribution support

We offers a full support in the cross-border distribution of documents to the relevant recipients. We ensure that each country receives the correct documents batched in a zip-file or a link to the relevant place where the documents are stored.


Marketing support

Let us look after your branded marketing documents, which you produce to promote your products to the outside world. We’d be delighted to assist you with the creation of your company image that you’d like to present to the world.


KIID Solutions

The Prisma KIID solution is a web-based content management and composition solution designed to support the preparation and production of UCITS KIIDs and PRIIP KIDs. Through a secure and easy-to-use database, all processes are streamlined, providing as much control of the process as wished.


Shareholder Mailings

By law Annual General Meetings have to be held and shareholders have to be informed accordingly as described in the company prospectus. The AGM mailing generally consists of sending “The Notice to shareholders” and “The Proxy Form” to the registered shareholders of the fund. This can be a tiring, complex and difficult task as many parties need to be involved.


Board Meetings

Do you need to organise multiple documents and prepare Board Packs for Board Meetings? Prisma offers a fully automated web-based solution which does not only help to manage and store documents in a highly secure environment.

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At Prisma, understanding our client’s business, objectives and financial products is essential. We personalise our approach according to our client’s needs, fund structure and jurisdiction requirements. Our specialised Project Managers consistently strive to offer the highest level of quality to our clients, taking advantage of their past experience and many years spent at our company. As our client, you are allocated one dedicated Project Manager who will support and work closely with you, enabling us to respond to your specific business requirements.

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New ESG Guidelines for Annual Reports

In a context of increasing popularity of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investments, the European Commission has published new guidelines on Tuesday, 18th June 2019, to improve the reporting of climate-related information in annual reports. The guidelines concern public interest entities and large companies with more than 500 employees operating in the EU whose development, […]

The Value of Professional Translations

🌿 Hedge Fund – Hecken Fonds 🐠 Saumon Belle-Vue – Salmon with a beautiful View 🍰 Mille-feuilles – A thousand leaves 👩‍🎓 Salade d’avocats – Lawyer Salad 🤣Translations gone wrong…. At the end of the day, it’s always better to contact a professional translator 👍

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

8 years ago I decided to learn something new each year. So far I boxed, learned Spanish, took classic ballet lessons, studied nutrition etc. etc. I believe that getting out of your comfort zone is important for your personal growth. Says Prisma S.A. CEO Carole Miltgen at the #Fly event on 7 June 2019

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What clients say

Congratulations for PRISMA’s 10 year anniversary! It is a wonderful milestone to achieve and it is well deserved.
We really appreciate all the great work you do for us, you have been a tremendous help all these years. 


From notification to halt posting to new data cuts to new mailing in record time! THANK YOU!! We know what we have in you and your team


All too often, great service is expected, and accepted, but is not always acknowledged. Our expectations of our service providers are always extremely high, and I congratulate PRISMA on delivering to those high expectations.


I felt that the EGM shareholder mailing was dealt with efficiency as we had tight deadlines that had to be met by us. The whole process was excellent and I was confident that even if I was away problems were being dealt with and the project progressed without too much input from me.


I look forward to building on the already strong relationship in the future.


I would like to pass on my thanks for the help provided to us by Prisma over the last few weeks. At the eleventh hour we noted an oversight in the documents and Prisma was a true partner to us, driving through the change in an extremely positive and professional way.
We are very grateful for the positive way in which this was approached and the support given to us, which truly “saved the day. 


It is always a pleasure to deal with all at Prisma, knowing that our requests will be dealt timely and that short notices are always dealt with in a very timely manner.
We most of the time feel that we are the only customer as the communication is always speedy and the attention granted to us is exemplary.


Prisma always responds to queries promptly and fills in the gaps in my knowledge of the process. Furthermore, Prisma has also been helpful in helping us to reduce costs wherever possible.


 From notification to halt posting to new data cuts to new mailing in record time! THANK YOU!! We know what we have in you and your team


Thanks again for all the team’s hard work with our passporting work – we’re finding the Prisma arrangement really works for us.


As always your service has been great and you guys did an excellent job with our Annual Reporting.
Overall you score very highly indeed and we look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship with you.


There are lots of good things to say about Prisma but most of all it is unique because it is professional (organized, excellent communication, consistent) AND personable (approachable, friendly team, energetic).


I would also like to thank you for your excellent project management of the work on the prospectus where things have been rather complicated….I have, several times, needed your confirmation when I have got confused with the sheer mass of email traffic on all this and you have been excellent and completely organised, as you always are!


 Thank you also for all your hard work during KIID and for putting up with all our changes and last minute requests!


I wanted to say thanks for all your hard work over the last 2 years. I have worked with several third parties (at BLK and previous employers) and I can safely say that PRISMA have provided a consistently superb service. Highly professional, consistently diligent, accommodating, and most importantly of all, happy and polite.


In my view, Prisma has done an incredible job managing what has turned out to be a highly complex mailing. Their close monitoring and thoroughness has been a major contribution in us achieving the mailing before the end of April. I cannot thank Prisma enough for their patience and professionalism.


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