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Stay Safe – Stay Home

💕 Stay Safe – Stay Home 💕 💻 Whilst the Prisma team is working from home, we remain fully reachable by phone and email. 📞 Contact us any time during this challenging time. ✅ We are ready to assist you with your requests and projects.

40 days of Lent according to Prisma

Instead of giving up chocolate and champagne 😱, we will give up on “things”. We will get rid of 1 item per day for 40 days. 🗑 These can be items hidden in our drawer that we wanted to bin for a long time, 🎁 or items which we don’t need any more but could […]

The Mentor – Interview by LuxWmn

“REMEMBER THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN THE OFFICE. Naturally there are deadlines that keep us late, but I have a strong rule that my team leave the office by 6. I want them to go and have a drink, play with their kids, kiss their partner.” Carole Miltgen – The Mentor. Thank you again […]

Interview with Prisma by Discover Benelux

“Prisma’s New Year’s resolutions are ambitious and clear: ensuring that all agreed deadlines are always met without compromising on flexibility, communicating in a courteous, friendly and professional manner, and being a trustworthy and reliable partner to all clients. If the last 14 years are anything to go by, Prisma is right on track to honour […]

Happy Chinese New Year

We wish all our clients, partners and friends a very happy, healthy and lucky year of the rat 🏮

Positive thinking is an attitude

🚀 At the beginning of each year we start a new empty jar. 📋 During the 365 (or 366) days ahead, we fill it with notes of all the good things that happen to us. 💌 In our first team meeting of the new year, we empty the jar and review all the happy moments […]

Let’s rock this new year!

✅ Continue to offer excellent client service ✅ Ensure that all the agreed deadlines are always met but remain flexible enough to adapt to sudden changes ✅ Communicate in a courteous, friendly and professional manner ✅ Be here now! A trustworthy and reliable partner!

E gudde Rutsch!

Mir wenschen Iech e gudden Rutsch an d’Neit Joer!!! May 2020 be life-changing, inspiring, incredible, fantastic, magnificent, extraordinary, wonderful, jubilant, blissful, mind-blowing and very happy for you! Thank you so much for your trust in Prisma S.A. during 2019. We wish you all a very happy New Year 2020!

Happy Prismas

We are ready to hand out Christmas gifts and drink champagne 🥂 🎁 🎄 Our office will be closed as of 13:00 today. We will reopen on Monday 30 December at 9:00. Happy Prismas to you and your families!

Annual End of the Year Donation

Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer, as well as all other living creatures need a place to live. This is why, this year, we have made a donation to “Natur an Emwelt – Fondation Hellef fir d‘Natur” and their project “National Day of the Tree”. https://www.naturemwelt.lu/de/actions/nationaler-tag-des-baum/?fbclid=IwAR2c3sxx5642MOFRSsgcbh8FqM3vlAbEriwS3gOTVfLOcfAnsAIbU_UTRjo

Oh deer oh deer, another year!

Writing cards, personalised messages and wrapping gifts for our wonderful clients. … of course only to those who have given us their GDPR approval

The Prisma Advent Calendar

The Prisma Advent Calendar is ready! Every year we recycle our calendar and re-fill it with chocolates. The colored-paper chocolates are winners, the white ones are losers. If you opened a door with a winner inside, you can chose one of the gifts. But careful, not every box contains what it says outside and not […]

Personal Branding Event

⚡️ Carole Miltgen – CEO and Chairman of the Board at Prisma S.a. ⚡️ Elfy Pins – Founder & CEO of Supermiro and HelloBoss ⚡️ Emilie Le Guernic – Digital and Marketing Specialist at AXA ⚡️ Nessim Medjoub – Entrepreneur & Head of Growth at Henri.lu and Linc 📅 21 November 2019 at 18:30 📍 […]

Lost in translation?

Have you ever heard these expressions in #Luxembourg before? 🧀 Ech hunn de Kéis! ➡️ I have the cheese! It means “I’ve had enough!” 🐶 Du falschen Hond! ➡️ You insincere dog! If a Luxembourgish person calls you a “falschen Hond,” they probably feel very betrayed. 🥖 Du hues eng mat der Broutschéiss! ➡️ “You […]