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April 15th, 2016 Business

Prisma is an independent privately owned company in Luxembourg, active since 2006. There has been some confusion due to a recent press publication (Ignites 2 February 2016), which we’d like to rectify herewith by sharing this extract from the Deloitte press release:

“Deloitte’s regulatory and investor reporting managed service sees name change.

Deloitte, the business advisory firm, has changed the name of its new managed service for insurers, investment bankers and insurance firms. It will now trade as Deloitte Regulatory and Investor Reporting Managed Services.

Deloitte’s service was previously traded under the name Prisma. As Prisma S.A. in Luxembourg offers some similar services, Deloitte has updated its service’s name.”

Don’t hesitate to contact us any time if you would like to receive more information or have any questions.

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