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Say No to Racism

June 5th, 2020 Posted by Prisma 0 thoughts on “Say No to Racism”

In Prisma’s workplace guidelines, point no. 1 is Diversity!

“- In this office everybody is equal, irrespective of the race, gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability and/or other.

– In this office everybody is treated the same way and the company does neither accept nor tolerate any kind of harassment, exclusion or discrimination.”

New Perspectives

June 2nd, 2020 Posted by Prisma 0 thoughts on “New Perspectives”

While the past 2+ months of confinement have restricted our movement, it has also provided a chance to take a new perspective on our surroundings. During the lock-down, both Toomas and Christinne (and Loucy) were motivated to get further acquainted with local nearby hiking trails and bicycle routes.

💡 What are the positive takeaways you have found during your confinement?

Prisma deconfinement sound waves

May 27th, 2020 Posted by Prisma 0 thoughts on “Prisma deconfinement sound waves”

💻 We are back in the office, since Monday 25 May, after more than 2 months working from home

😷 We are ready to meet you facemask-to-facemask in our office by strictly observing the Covid19 health regulations

🎶 For now we hope that you stay safe and sound, by surfing on the Prisma team deconfinement sound waves 🏄‍♀️

The Secret of Change

May 18th, 2020 Posted by Prisma 0 thoughts on “The Secret of Change”

💭 do we want to preserve what we have or imagine what we will be from now on?
🤔 how could we change or will we not?
🖇 do we need a change of attitude to get through this or any crisis?

😎 Don’t forget to recharge the batteries 🤗

Happy World Graphic Design Day

April 27th, 2020 Posted by Prisma 0 thoughts on “Happy World Graphic Design Day”

📅 Today is world graphic day

Whilst we, Financial Communication Professionals, create most documents without any/much fancy layout, it does happen that some creativity is required

✔️ Corporate Branding – brand recognition
✔️ Creation of visual content
✔️ Page layout techniques
✔️ Typography and pictures
✔️ Logic of displayed content
✔️ All of the above are used to make documents more user-friendly and optimise user experience.

We help our clients put numbers, lines, text, points, graphics and colours into a harmonised form.

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

April 24th, 2020 Posted by Prisma 0 thoughts on “Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset”

💡 In the fixed mindset, the intelligence is static.
The view of the world is deterministic, “it has always been (done) this way”

💡 In the growth mindset, the intelligence is extendable and can be developed.
The view of the world is open with a greater sense of free will.

Which mindset do you think adapts better/easier to the current situation?

Look up at the sky day

April 14th, 2020 Posted by Prisma 0 thoughts on “Look up at the sky day”

📅 14 April – Today is the international “Look up at the sky day”

🤔 The goal of this day: encourage all of us to take a little time to slow down and appreciate the little things in life.

🤩 Celebrate today: As the name of this little holiday itself suggests, take some time to look up at the sky! We sometimes take natural beauty for granted, so today is a good day to fully appreciate it.

🌥”Even when the sky is filled with clouds, the sun still shines above” – on this note, have a wonderful day!

Who do I want to be during Covid-19

April 3rd, 2020 Posted by Prisma 2 thoughts on “Who do I want to be during Covid-19”

🪐 Which zone are you currently in?

☄️ Whilst we remember that this is just a chapter of our life, we know it is not the whole story.

🚀 During this challenging time, it is BAU for us, so contact us any time with your questions, translation requests and document updates. We are here for you! Always.

💫 Stay Safe.

Stay Safe – Stay Home

March 18th, 2020 Posted by Prisma 0 thoughts on “Stay Safe – Stay Home”

💕 Stay Safe – Stay Home 💕

💻 Whilst the Prisma team is working from home, we remain fully reachable by phone and email.

📞 Contact us any time during this challenging time.

✅ We are ready to assist you with your requests and projects.

40 days of Lent according to Prisma

February 28th, 2020 Posted by Prisma 0 thoughts on “40 days of Lent according to Prisma”

Instead of giving up chocolate and champagne 😱, we will give up on “things”.

We will get rid of 1 item per day for 40 days.

🗑 These can be items hidden in our drawer that we wanted to bin for a long time,

🎁 or items which we don’t need any more but could be of use to somebody else, so we’ll donate those.

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