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  • 6 April 2017 Prisma Newsletter

    A secure and easy to handle Board Pack Solution? We have the perfect toy for you.

    Mutual Fund Recognition between Switzerland and Hong Kong – you’ll need to translate your documents into German, French and Mandarin soon. We are ready to assist you.

    The PRIIPS have been delayed but will be coming soon? Talk to us, we can help you!

    In our Being Involved in Our Community List, you will find some great updates as well as all you need to know about the Prisma sponsored Rugby Camp. We believe that every child deserves some fun and help the RCL so they can invite children who could otherwise not afford it.

    What’s up in Luxembourg? Lots and lots! Go and check out our list.

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    Prisma Newsletter April 2017

  • 24 October 2016 Prisma Newsletter

    Are you dreaming of customising your and your clients’ websites? We make your dream come true as we have the perfect solution for you.

    Are KIIDS and PRIIPS more a nightmare than anything else to you? Talk to us, we can help you, so you can focus on your job and we take your worries away.

    Luxembourg has launched the SARL-S and is very active in FinTech. We’ve gathered some information for you in this newsletter.

    In our Being Involved in Our Community List, you will find some great updates as well as all you need to know about the Make-a-Wish Winter Ball. We hope to see you there!

    What’s up in Luxembourg? Lots! Go and check out our list.

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  • 31 May 2016 Competition - UEFA European Championship 2016

    Prisma and the British Chamber of Commerce are pleased to invite you to participate in our UEFA EURO 2016 football competition.

    Who do you think will be crowned the 2016 UEFA European champions?

    Take a guess by filling in our form and participate in our competition. Please return the completed form to by 8 June 2016.

    The Top 3 winners will receive invitations to the BCC Christmas Lunch.

    Good luck to all of you!
    Prisma and the British Chamber of Commerce

  • 26 May 2016 Carole Miltgen selected as Mentor for nyuko

    Congratulations to our CEO Carole Miltgen, for being selected as a Mentor to join the Business Mentoring program at nyuko Luxembourg. nyuko is an independent nonprofit operating at the intersection of all economic sectors. Through its predecessors Business Initiative and The Impactory, nyuko has long and solid experience in guiding entrepreneurs to achieve success. And it wants to redouble the support it gives.

  • 15 April 2016 Press Release

    Prisma is an independent privately owned company in Luxembourg, active since 2006. There has been some confusion due to a recent press publication (Ignites 2 February 2016), which we'd like to rectify herewith by sharing this extract from the Deloitte press release:

    "Deloitte’s regulatory and investor reporting managed service sees name change.

    Deloitte, the business advisory firm, has changed the name of its new managed service for insurers, investment bankers and insurance firms. It will now trade as Deloitte Regulatory and Investor Reporting Managed Services.

    Deloitte’s service was previously traded under the name Prisma. As Prisma S.A. in Luxembourg offers some similar services, Deloitte has updated its service’s name."

    Don't hesitate to contact us any time if you would like to receive more information or have any questions.

  • 13 April 2016 British Chamber of Commerce: New Council Members

    Congratulations to our CEO Carole Miltgen, for being elected to the Council for the British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg.

    Carole Miltgen
  • 6 April 2016 Prisma Newsletter

    Prisma is celebrating 10 years of dedication to financial communication!
    Is there a difference between a female and a male entrepreneur? We do some detective work.

    Financial Accounts can be tricky to organise as it involves so many different players. We are used to and produce reports on a daily basis. Let us know how we can assist you on the Annual Report production and prepare the Semi-Annual version in a couple of  months.

    Escape from isolation. This was the slogan for the charity who we supported end of 2015.

    What’s up in Luxembourg? We’ve prepared a little list for you.

    Have a great spring, a hot summer and great holidays!

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    Prisma Newsletter 2016

  • 12 March 2016 Rose of Tralee Ball 2016

    Just like every year Prisma sponsored the The Luxembourg Rose Annual Ball.

    During the ball the new Luxembourg Rose was elected. At the end it was Síle Reidy, 20, from Tralee in County Kerry, who wore the crown.

    For many years now Prisma is an active supporter of the Rose and the ball as all the proceeds of the evening go to charity. The food table “Cent Buttek”, close to our heart, was one of the chosen charities for 2015.

  • 6 March 2016 Bretzelsonndeg

    Bretzelsonndeg (Pretzel Sunday) takes place 20 days before Easter, which is half through lent. In Luxembourg we therefore also call it Halleffaaschtensonndeg (half lent Sunday); this year it will be on 6th March.

    At the beginning of spring, when positive emotions resurface, the boy gives a pretzel to the girl who he has laid his eyes on. The feelings for her must be as big and as sweet as the almond pastry that he is about to offer her. In case the feelings are mutual and the girl is interested, she will offer him a Chocolate Egg in return, on Easter Sunday. This means that it will leave her 20 days to consider her options…

    The same rule applies for existing relationships where the man will offer his sweetheart a pretzel to re-emphasise his tender feelings for her.

    In a leap year, it is the other way around and the girls take the lead by offering a pretzel to the boy. As 2016 is a leap year we ladies are in charge of the sweet delights.

    Until the middle of the 20th century this was a local custom only, popular around the rivers Moselle and Sûre. Nowadays it is celebrated by everyone in Luxembourg.

    It is said that long time ago, the custom imposed that couples who had married during the previous year, offer a pretzel to all the guests who had managed to receive a part of the bride’s garter…

    During my youth when I was a member of the scouts, spring fewer started earlier for us…. I was told that if a boy was interested in a girl, he would blacken her face at Buergbrennen, with the cooled down ashes. This initial act then marked the beginning of the mating season which lead to Bretzels, Easter Eggs and ended up in marriage!

    Although men should not need a reminder to offer something sweet to their honeys, it’s a great tradition for us women….. and the baker trade for that matter.

    Happy Bretzelsonndeg!

  • 19 January 2016 EUR2,200 donated to charity

    2,200 EUR donated to Mathëllef Asbl at the Moutforter Haff in the presence of Guy de Muyser, president of the Asbl and Carole Miltgen, CEO Prisma. "Escape from Isolation" was the motto of our year-end activity in 2015. Instead of offering individual gifts to clients, Prisma has made a donation to a charity who support psychologically ill people in their daily struggle to fit into the so-called normal world.