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  • 6 April 2015 Emaischen

    On Easter Monday the famous “Eemaischen” will take place, both in Nospelt and around the fish market in Luxembourg City.

    On Easter Monday the Potter’s Guild is celebrating its guild festivities in St. Michael's Church on the fish market (“Fëschmaart”) in Luxembourg. After the church service, they organized a market where they were selling their pottery. In respect to a letter form 1827 it is believed that already then, the potters were selling the famous “Pëckvillercher”, these are whistles in the shape of a bird which lots of people collect.

    In 1914 the last living potter died in Nospelt, where the potter’s guild existed since 1458.

    With this I wish you a Happy Easter and hope to see many of you at one of the Eemaischen!

  • 3 April 2015 Prisma Newsletter

    Preparing, translating and mailing EGM and AGM shareholder notices and proxies is a labour intensive task which requires a lot of preparation. We do shareholder mailings on a day-to-day basis and will gladly support you with your production. Send us a request by email at and we will provide you with a quote.

    Do you know why clay birds are sold on Easter Monday?

    Who is Luxembourg Rose 2015?

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  • 15 March 2015 Bretzelsonndeg - sweet pretzel for your honey

    Bretzelsonndeg (Pretzel Sunday) takes place 20 days before Easter, which is half through lent. In Luxembourg we therefore also call it Halleffaaschtensonndeg (half lent Sunday); this year it will be on 15th March.

    At the beginning of spring, when positive emotions resurface, the boy gives a pretzel to the girl who he has laid his eyes on. The feelings for her must be as big and as sweet as the almond pastry that he is about to offer her. In case the feelings are mutual and the girl is interested, she will offer him a Chocolate Egg in return, on Easter Sunday. This means that it will leave her 20 days to consider her options…

    The same rule applies for existing relationships where the man will offer his sweetheart a pretzel to re-emphasise his tender feelings for her.

    In a leap year, it is the other way around and the girls take the lead by offering a pretzel to the boy.

    Until the middle of the 20th century this was a local custom only, popular around the rivers Moselle and Sûre. Nowadays it is celebrated by everyone in Luxembourg.

    It is said that long time ago, the custom imposed that couples who had married during the previous year, offer a pretzel to all the guests who had managed to receive a part of the bride’s garter…

    During my youth when I was a member of the scouts, spring fewer started earlier for us…. I was told that if a boy was interested in a girl, he would blacken her face at Buergbrennen, with the cooled down ashes. This initial act then marked the beginning of the mating season which lead to Bretzels, Easter Eggs and ended up in marriage!

    Although men should not need a reminder to offer something sweet to their honeys, it’s a great tradition for us women….. and the baker trade for that matter.

    Happy Bretzelsonndeg!

  • 7 March 2015 Rose of Tralee Ball 2015

    Just like every year The Luxembourg Rose Asbl organised its annual ball. This year it took place on 7 March 2015 in Hotel Alvisse.

    During the ball the new Luxembourg Rose was elected. Aedammair Ni Chiardha, 25, from Dublin, works as a proofreader at the European Commission couldn’t believe that she won when accepting the crown.

    For many years now Prisma is an active supporter of the Rose and the ball as all the proceeds of the evening go to charity. The food table “Cent Buttek” is one of the chosen charities for 2015.

  • 13 January 2015 Prisma donates 3,000 EUR to Cent Buttek

    For a few years now, we have taken the decision to support the less fortunate in our society; instead of buying individual year-end gifts, we donate money to a charity.

    “24 days for the cent to drop” – this was the motto for our 2014 year-end campaign.

    We offered a euro for a thought, by encouraging our clients and friends to like, share and comment our activities on Facebook.
    Between 1 and 24 December we have managed to receive 2951 feedbacks, representing 3,000 EUR for the food bank “Cent Buttek”.

    We have handed over the cheque today. The full details can be found in the Delano paper today.

  • 22 December 2014 Merry Prismas and a Happy New Year

  • 4 December 2014 Prisma Newsletter Q4 2014

    Preparing Financial Reports can be a time consuming task. We are here to help you. Do you have any last minute requests before Christmas that you’d like us to take care of? Send us your request today and we take the workload off your desk and the worries off your shoulders.

    Do you know that Kleeschen fills the shoes of the well-behaved children?

    How can you help the poor? We will show you with our winter action “24 days for the Cent to drop”

    Just click on the link to find out what this is all about: Prisma Newsletter Q4 2014

  • 1 December 2014 Support for the Cent Buttek

    Can you imagine a Christmas without a feast, for you, your children and your loved ones? Neither can we.

  • 25 November 2014 Kleeschen

    “How many more sleeps before Kleeschen comes?” was the question would ask my parents.

    St Nicolas (or Kleeschen in Luxembourgish) comes down from heaven during the night of 5th to 6th December.

    He is bringing sweets and toys to those children who have been good during the year.

  • 24 September 2014 Your Living City: Meet the Luxembourger: Prisma CEO Carole Miltgen

    Carole Miltgen has braved the corporate waters and launched a thriving and successful company, but as can be seen, there's a lot more to her than just being the CEO of her own company. Meet this pioneering Luxembourger!