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  • 18 November 2015 Escape from isolation – Year-end 2015 charity

    Imagine living every day in isolation because you no longer fit into the so-called "normal" world. A lot of people feel this way.

    In our fast-paced society it is somehow expected that everybody is perfect. We have to think fast, move smoothly, talk carefully, dream little and demand a lot, especially from ourselves. Some people suffer terribly under this constant pressure and break down.  

    For the year-end 2015, we have decided to support "Mathëllef Asbl", a therapeutic workshop for people with psychological illness. Mathëllef supports these people in their effort to be part of the society, by reconnecting them with what we call "normal" people, offering them a therapy, as well as professional and social rehabilitation.

    Between 19 November and mid-December, we will post unknown facts about the Prisma team members on Facebook. We invite you to participate by taking a guess! For each like and/or comment we will donate 1 EUR to "Mathëllef Asbl".

    After helping children at Make-a-Wish, animals at the Elephant foundation and people in need at the Cent Buttek; it is now time to support those who are excluded from society as they deserve inclusion, love, support and help. We all do! Please visit our Facebook page as of tomorrow. 

  • 15 November 2015 Bazar de la Croix-Rouge

    Sunday 15 November 2015 at Halle Victor Hugo, Limpertsberg - food, drinks, gifts and more from all over the world - proceeds go to the Red Cross Luxembourg

    Aide aux réfugiés au Luxembourg et à l’étranger ainsi qu’aux familles en situation de précarité au Luxembourg

  • 14 November 2015 Havana Nights Gala for Make-a-Wish

    EUR 21,000.00 have been raised during the night in support of children with life-threatening medical conditions.  

    For the second time now, Make-a-Wish Luxembourg organised its annual charity ball. The theme for this year was “Havana Nights”, taking place in Hotel Alvisse.

    During the night there was lots of entertainment, including Cuban music and dance, cigars and cocktails, with the highlight being a video message from Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. As one of the auction prices Mr. Bettel offered a breakfast with him in his office and raised EUR 2,600 EUR for said price. The highest bid of the evening though was for an original Dan Neuhengen painting which was sold for EUR 3,500.00.

  • 23 October 2015 Local Tradition: Mantelsonndeg

    On Sunday 25 October, is "MANTEL SONNDEG" (coat Sunday), which is another local tradition. The coat Sunday is taking place so people can buy their warm coats in preparation of the cold winter. Coat Sunday is the week before All Saint's Day. In the old days All Saint's would be the one occasion for which people would buy a new coat and proudly present it when paying their respects to the dead at the cemetery on 1st November.

    All the shops will be open on Sunday, so you may be convinced to buy more than just a coat....

    Enjoy and schéine Weekend!

    Men in Coats
  • 19 October 2015 Prisma Newsletter

    The fund prospectus is the most important document. The preparation can take a long time as all parties involved must ensure that the content is correct. We can assist you with the preparation of fully automated e-prospectuses. Contact us any time, as we’d be delighted to assist you and make your life easier.

    Milky wine in October… where does that idea come from?

    How can I do charitable work in Luxembourg?

    When is the International Bazar?

    Just click on the link to find out what this is all about: Prisma Newsletter 2015

  • 30 September 2015 Fiederwäissen

    The “Fiederwäissen“ is a wine that is still fermenting. The Fiederwäissen time normally lasts about 3 weeks. Because of rapid fermentation, Fiederwäissen cannot be stored for long and should be consumed within a few days of purchase.

    When pressing the grapes, must is generated and sugar is fermented. In doing so alcohol and carbon dioxide is produced. The yeast, which looks like tiny little feathers, gives the wine its milky white colour and consequently its name.

    Despite the innocent colour and the fruity taste, once cannot consider this drink as a “fruit juice”, as it contains 9% alcohol and thanks to the high level of carbon dioxide it is transported relatively quickly into the blood. This yearly delicacy is to be drunk in moderation!

    In general all sorts of wine can be used to produce Fiederwäissen however in Luxembourg, generally the „Rivaner“ is used due to its specific aroma.

    If drunk in moderation the Fiederwäissen, can be considered very healthy as it contains a lot of B1 and B2 Vitamines, these are good for your skin, your complexion and your hair. In addition it cleans your blood and purges your body. You must not put it in the fridge and enjoy it at 12-14°C. Now nothing stops you any more from having a drink!

    Cheers to that!

    “Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used.“
    William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

  • 31 August 2015 Staater Braderie

    On Monday 31st August 2015,  the “Staater Braderie” (in English: “Clearance Sale in Luxembourg City”) is taking place.

    A Braderie simply is a street sale that is taking place on a pre-defined day, normally during or at the end of the Sales. The shop owners will set up their stalls outside the shops and sell their goods for lower prices (“bradéiert Präisser”). In general a Braderie involves, live music and other performances by local associations to create the feeling of a Folk Festival.

    The word “Braderie” has its origins in the French province of Flanders and derives from the word “braaden” (“broden” in Lux or “roasting”, “barbequing” in English). This is because at all of these street sales, people were usually having a barbeque with Thüringer, Kottletten (chops) and Mettwurscht.

    The first Braderie took place in Lille and gradually moved over to Reims, Nancy and finally to Luxembourg in 1929. The shop owners in Luxembourg did not like the idea at the beginning, to sell articles for knock-down prices, but Gaston Diderich, the mayor of the City of Luxembourg at the time, managed to convince them about the advantages that such a sales day would have for them. The first ever Braderie in Luxembourg took place on the 2nd September 1929 in the context of the Schueberfouer, and this has never been changed since.

    So if you want to grab a bargain and you don’t mind the crowd, dive into the Braderie on Monday 31st August, shops are usually open at 8:00 that day and remain open until around 18:00.

    Have fun “beim bradelen”!!!

  • 21 August 2015 Schueberfouer

    The first known Schouberfouer took place in 1298 under Heinrich VII, father of Jean de Luxembourg (John the Blind). At this time it was a market where people from all over the country came to buy and sell cloth. This fair was however not very successful and stopped again a few years later.

    The first real Schouberfouer eventually took place on 20 October 1340 under the famous John the Blind, count of Luxembourg and King of Bohemia (Böhmen). The fair went on for 8 days and its main goal was for farmers to come into town and buy/sell cattle. The origin of the name is from the place where the Fouer took place, which was the “Schuedbuerg” nowadays known as Plateau du Saint-Esprit. Over the years the fair become more and more successful so the Holy Ghost Square was soon too small. It therefore moved to Limpertsberg in 1610 where the forest had just been cut down. In the 18th century the market developed and live concerts became part of it only to be succeeded in 1844 with cabarets. Although it still remained a cattle-market, you could now also buy bone china, comestibles and stationary. When, in the 20th century, the big wheel and the roller coaster arrived, there was no more stopping its development into the fair that we know today.

    The Schouberfouer (big fun fair) starts this year on 21st August and ends on 9th September. Just as every year, it will take place on Glacis and offers many attractions, not to forget the lecker Gromperkichelchen (fried potatoe cakes), gebaakene Fesch (baked fish) and Grillwurschten (sausage)!

    For more info check the official site:

  • 18 August 2015 Visit to our friends at Cent Buttek in Beggen

    Today we paid another visit to our friends at Cent Buttek in Beggen where Adely, Marcelle and 80 other volunteers work day-in-day out for the less fortunate ones.

    In a country as rich as Luxembourg where most people live in abundance, some don’t even have enough to eat. It is for them that the penny shops exist in Beggen and Bettembourg.

    The “Cent Buttek” operates in a similar way to “Die Tafeln” in Germany. Founded in 2009 by a group of volunteers, they are supported by supermarkets, bakers, corner shops and other donators. From Monday to Saturday the volunteers will collect the groceries, which are perfectly fine but unsalable in regular shops. Once the provisions have been delivered to the Cent Buttek, they are sorted by date and prepared for distribution.  Certain vegetables will be used to prepare warm soups for those who visit the shop. With the currently low temperatures outside, this act of kindness is very much appreciated and surely warms more than just the hands that hold the steaming cup.

    If you would also like to help, you can give food directly to the Cent Buttek near you. Alternatively you can also make a donation. All the information can be found under

    Cent Buttek 1


    Cent Buttek 2
  • 16 June 2015 Prisma sponsors Irish Club Ball

    Irish Club Ball raises €7k - the Charity Auction succeeded in raising a total of €7,350, of which 50% will go towards Think Pink Lux (in Luxembourg) and Barnardos (in Ireland). Well done Irish Club of Luxembourg , Prisma is very happy to support such good causes!!!!