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Project management

We personalise our approach per client need, the fund structure and the jurisdiction requirements. Our specialised project managers consistently strive to offer the highest level of quality service to our clients, taking advantage of many years of experience.
As our client, you are allocated one dedicated project manager who will support you and work closely with you, responding to your specific business requirements. Among these you can find the following services:

  • Initial planning of the project
  • Setting-up of meetings and/or conference calls
  • Guidance throughout all the steps of your project
  • Organisation of all services with all related parties
  • Production of timetables
  • Preparation of project guidelines
  • Regular written and verbal follow ups
  • Pro-active advice
  • Adherence to corporate branding
  • Obedience to jurisdiction specific requirements
  • Direct liaison with local offices and/or lawyers, including cost overview
  • Optimisation of translation requirements
  • Improvement of proofing cycles
  • Enforcement of project deadlines
  • Consultancy and advisory on best practice

Direct liaison with third parties

By directly liaising with fund administrators, financial/legal advisors, local offices, auditors and other parties relevant to the particular project, we are able to monitor the progress of a project and follow up or escalate where necessary.
We maintain an oversight of the timelines and actions of all related parties and hence guarantee a smooth procedure for each project.

Inventory management

We offer intelligent inventory management solutions. We manage, distribute and control your dissemination of hard and soft copies of all your financial documents.

Keeping track of legal requirements

To save valuable time and resources within our client’s teams, we can verify legal requirements in all relevant jurisdictions by collaborating with legal counsels and/or local offices directly, on our client’s behalf.

The outcome and further analysis of Prisma’s direct contact with the various parties is reported and presented to our client for their reference.

Liaise with third party to receive shareholder register

Prisma liaises with the transfer agent or other third parties organising the timely reception of the shareholder register for mailings.  Our PFS certified mailing house and strict adherence rules ensure complete data protection.

Maintain contact list of legal representatives

Prisma maintains an up-to-date database of all client legal representatives ensuring accurate communication throughout the project, thus eliminating the need to re-collate complex directories.

Review and approval coordination with local offices and legal counsel

Prisma mhas excellent relationships with various law firms in all the major fund domiciles.

To ensure compliance with the various jurisdictions’ requirements, we liaise with the local legal counsel on our client’s behalf, for document review and approval.  Further to the approval of the documentation, Prisma provides final copies to all relevant parties for filing with local regulators or for internal records.

We coordinate the cost oversight of a project with our client’s legal counsels. Each legal counsel must provide us with their expected cost before commencing the reviewing/filing process. This step helps our client with keeping track of the overall project costs.

Our clients can expect full clarity of the process.

Workflow preparation

Our long-term experience in the financial services sector and our exact understanding of our clients’ needs, permits us to manage multiple parties for each project. At the commencement of a project, Prisma will work with its client, providing workflows and timelines offering full clarity on the process.

We coordinate and harmonise the translation process whilst ensuring consistency throughout the documents. We organise the typesetting, the data flow and full optimisation, the proof checking and quality control.

We maintain an oversight of multi-party document review while monitoring and enforcing deadlines throughout the entire project.

We coordinate the production of digital and offset print and the dissemination of signed-off documents to all relevant parties.

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Prisma has a wealth of experience in financial translations and can offer you translations from and into all Western, European, and most Asian and Middle Eastern languages.

Extract from our language portfolio

  • German
  • French
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Swedish
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian
  • Czech
  • Slovak
  • Albanian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Hebrew

We work with network of qualified financial translators, who are always native speakers and who were selected for their capability and experience on specific projects, following a thorough due diligence process.

To fully meet our clients’ expectations, we analyse existing translations and provide advice on best practice methods. Based on the exact requirements, a customised translation procedure is established which is monitored by a dedicated project manager.

Our services

  • Analysis of source files
  • Advice on best translation methods
    (manual / semi-automated / automated solutions)
  • Translation into the relevant language (s)
  • Creation and maintenance of company glossaries
  • Update of translation memory
  • Creation and maintenance of additional industry specific glossaries (e.g. ESMA)
  • Quality checks at different levels
  • Proof checking
  • Sworn translations
  • Punctual delivery of high quality translations
  • Management of the entire project
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Typesetting, Desktop Publishing and Automated Production

Looking for professional support with the production of your financial documents? There are different options that we can offer to you. We believe that the optimal solution for a client is a tailor-made model which takes client specific expectations into consideration.

Prisma therefore offers three type of solutions to its clients:



During the whole process for either solution, a dedicated project manager monitors the entire production of the documents ensuring a punctual delivery of the high quality final files in the accurate corporate layout.

Corporate branding

The individual identity and strong corporate image can be the key to brand recognition in the market place. We therefore adhere to our clients’ distinct personalised requirements and either follow existing branding guidelines or suggest the creation of their own unique corporate branding.

During the production of the financial documents, the corporate layout is applied. Quality checks are performed at different levels and the Prisma project manager directly liaises with the client’s marketing department for instructions and style approval.

High quality documents

Our qualified financial typesetters and proof checkers have years of experience. Whether your document is a one page shareholder letter or a full prospectus, we can guarantee a uniformed layout throughout the entire document.

Our typesetters have experience in formatting a wide range of financial documents across a range of fund structures and languages.

Document formats

For each of the three production solutions we support different file formats. The final documents can  be delivered

  • In print-ready end user format
  • As a high resolution PDF
  • As a low resolution PDF
  • As PDF-A
  • In MS Word format

Whether you are printing the document in your office, externally or sending a press notification to a media group, we can format the file respecting each specific requirement.

Version control & document storage

Following our streamlined processes, we have established a rigorous filing process to ensure that each version of every single document is stored and readily accessible.

We always ensure to use the latest version of a document and keep track of any changes made to it. Amendments incorporated into documents can be reviewed, showing who has requested or incorporated these at any point of the project cycle.

Document storage and archive

As part of the global management of a project, we store all client documents. The project manager can revert to any document version at any time. This will ensure that our clients can request up-to-date soft copies when needed.

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Print, mailing & distribution

Investment and asset management professionals are facing an increasing demand to provide timely and  information for regulators and investors.

Managing fund document distribution often entails tight deadlines, liaison with a variety of stakeholders, the difficult task of navigating local logistic challenges as well as a high risk of operational errors, delays and inaccuracies.

We offer a wide range of solutions to print, mail and distribute documents worldwide, with the goal to help overcome language and regulatory challenges. We manage complex distribution requirements  whilst controlling cost, and manage risks and adherence to regulatory deadlines.

Content verification

We observe strict quality controls. We review the received documents against the provided instructions ensuring the quality and correctness of distributed content. For each mailing our print production team provides one (or more) plotter proof(s) for the client to sign off before the printing commences.

Shareholder mailings

We manage time-sensitive personalised shareholder mailings accurately, securely and on time. Every time we make sure that all required documentation is sent to the shareholders, local offices, legal counsels and financial supervisory authorities etc. Our mailing house is PFS-certified and complies to the strict regulatory rules on shareholder data.

Mail returns

Mail returns are monitored for each shareholder mailing and reported back to the client with all relevant information.

Logistical support

Coordination of document distribution is one of our many service offerings. We not only distribute hard copies but also disseminate soft copies to all the required parties and distribution platforms. You can either provide us with your distribution list or we contact all local offices and create a personalised distribution list for you.

Distribution and project management by email

We do not only organise the print for shareholder mailings and dissemination of its hard copies but also take care of the email distribution.On request, we take over additional organisational tasks such as, but not limited to, the sharing of internal information on deadlines and projects with selected teams, local offices and lawyers.

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In today’s business world, the key to success is not only an excellent performance, but also a good marketing strategy to stay at the forefront of people’s minds. A well-designed website is a powerful communication tool to make selected information available to existing customers and create new business opportunities.

Digital communication channels have become central to almost any kind of business and industry. The goal is that each fund manager has its own proprietary document repository attached to a branded URL. These document repositories can take different shapes and forms and be accessible per different levels of complexity.

The aim is to have a personalised online document repository through a dedicated URL page branding via logo and top line text information and to reduce annual cost through a standardised approach to online services.

  • Host the page and the domain name
  • Activate the website and set it up
  • Coordinate and project management all the tasks

In addition to the already comprehensive standard solution, we can also offer:

  • Site containing a “content management system” allowing the financial services company to independently edit its webpage.
  • Multilingual webpage.
  • Disclaimer pointing to different web pages per the selected profile.
  • Multi page solutions.
  • Any combination of the above.

Customised solutions can be developped on demand.

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