Who do I want to be during Covid-19

April 3rd, 2020 Prisma

🪐 Which zone are you currently in?

☄️ Whilst we remember that this is just a chapter of our life, we know it is not the whole story.

🚀 During this challenging time, it is BAU for us, so contact us any time with your questions, translation requests and document updates. We are here for you! Always.

💫 Stay Safe.

2 thoughts on “Who do I want to be during Covid-19”

  1. TAKAYA FUKUI says:

    This work has become a hot topic on Facebook in Japan. It’s so wonderful, can I translate it into Japanese and share it on facebook?
    Of course, this HP and the author will be memorized. Please!

  2. Lisa Schwalenberg says:

    I’m in the growth zone. I’ve made numerous masks for a nursing home and for my workplace as a volunteer. I’ve ordered home made meals to be prepared by a family member to be delivered to my elderly father and his friend s a gift. This gives them something to look forward to (nice healthy homemade meals) and keeps them safe at home.
    I send homemade cards almost weekly to a dear elderly (90 year old) friend who is in a nursing home. She said she gets to visit with her grandchildren behind the window. She is recovering from chemotherapy and lost her husband only a year ago, so I thought this would help lift her spirits.
    I took a walk with my grown son who has been self isolating due to health issues (using social distancing).

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